Business owners need proper lighting and electrical wiring to deliver the right level of service to their customers. If you are looking for a partner who understands what it takes to keep a business up and running, works to build a relationship with commercial customers, and takes pride in the work we provide, you want to partner with Fowler Electric Systems. Contact our team today to learn more about our commercial electrical services.

Commercial Rewiring Services

Is your building’s wiring serving your current needs? If you find yourself tripping breakers regularly, it may be because you need new wiring to handle your current and growing demand. Fowler Electric Systems offers commercial rewiring services to ensure your system can handle the demand. We understand the high demand placed on commercial electrical systems, know how to troubleshoot problems to quickly find workable solutions, and have the electrical knowledge to repair these problems safely.

Sometimes, commercial businesses in older buildings need to be rewired to meet current building codes. Sometimes, a business’s growth demands the addition of new circuit breakers and additional wiring as new technologies or new customers increase the amount of electricity used each day. Either way, Fowler Electric Systems has the electricians on staff to assist in these tasks.


Commercial Lighting Upgrades

In addition to rewiring and repair services, Fowler Electric Systems assists local businesses with lighting upgrades. Upgrading your lighting from traditional lighting options to more efficient LED lighting can help your company save significantly.

If you are committed to saving energy through new lighting, reach out to Fowler Electric Systems to help with your upgrade. Our team can help you quickly and easily upgrade your lighting to accept longer-lasting, more energy-efficient bulbs, helping you lower your overall energy bills while also creating a brighter, more favorable workspace.