Electrical safety is not something to take lightly. When you have electrical safety risks on your property, you put your family or business at risk for electrical fires and electrical shock injuries. Outdated wiring or improperly installed electrical systems are some of the common risks we find, but Fowler Electric Systems can help. Our team offers electrical safety checks that ensure your building or property is as safe as possible. Whether you suspect you have outdated wiring, or you simply want to ensure your property is free from electrical risks, trust our experience and knowledge.

What to Expect from an Electrical Safety Inspection?

At Fowler Electric Systems, our team knows electrical systems inside and out. We know where to look for common or hidden problems that we can help you address so your property is safe and functional. At an electrical safety check, we will perform several tests, including:

  • Electrical flow examination — We will check the flow of electricity throughout your property. Faulty or poorly functioning circuits or connections can indicate serious problems are developing.
  • Testing outlets and breakers — Next, our team will test the outlets and breakers for signs of problems. This also allows us to examine your wiring to identify outdated wiring issues.
  • Code compliance inspection — Finally, we will make sure that the property meets National Electric Code (NEC) standards for electrical safety and make recommendations for steps you can take to make your property comply.

After thoroughly inspecting these areas, our team will identify any problems that are present. We will then provide potential solutions and recommendations to help protect your property from electrical risks.

All it takes is one errant spark to start a dangerous, costly electrical fire. Electrical safety checks help protect your home or business from unknown risks. You can trust the experience and knowledge of the Fowler Electric Systems team. Reach out today to schedule your electrical safety check.