Electrical wiring in your home or business is one of its most complicated systems. When you need to have new electrical service run on your property or need existing wiring inspected to ensure it is fully functional, you need the right help. Electrical work can be dangerous and needs to be performed by a licensed professional.

Fowler Electric Systems has a team of licensed electricians with over 30 years of combined experience. We offer that experience to you with our electrical and wiring services, ensuring your home or business has proper, safe wiring.

Residential Service Work and Wiring

The wires inside your home are often hidden under floors, behind walls, or in the ceiling. It can be difficult to tell if they are working properly, and that’s why you need a licensed electrical contractor. In addition, many homes in the region have old, outdated wiring putting their owners at risk.
Fowler Electric Systems works with homeowners throughout the area with a full list of electrical services, including electrical repairs and wiring service. If you think you have a problem with your electrical system or suspect outdated wiring, our team is just a phone call away.


Commercial Service Work and Wiring

It’s not just homeowners that need electrical service work. Business owners also need safe electrical systems to deliver quality service without risk to their customers. Fowler Electric Systems offers wiring and service work to commercial property owners throughout the region, helping local businesses deliver the right service to their customers with working electrical systems.

Whether you have a home with outdated wiring that needs to be rewired or a commercial property that needs proper wiring to handle a large load, reach out to Fowler Electric Systems for timely, knowledgeable service.